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Enjoy the Salsa rhythm

Don’t do fancy moves or combination in a social Salsa dance.

Dancing is supposed to be fun whether in a group or as a couple, especially when the dance is Salsa. Most people that enjoy the dance are likely to have developed an interest in learning from watching dancers enjoying themselves. They also focus more on feeling the Salsa rhythm whenever a song is on. However, the challenge that they face is when they enroll in a class and discover that they have a lot to learn, not just feeling the music.

Fortunately, with a good teacher and a lot of practice most dancers are usually on their way to reaching their goal of dancing well. In fact, all Salsa lessons focus on teaching people Salsa techniques, combination, etc. Very fewer places teach people to understand the music and feel it.

However, that is not wrong for Salsa schools. It is because if they tend to put too much into teaching how to understand Salsa rhythm or interpret it, people will get bored easily. So, the best approach is to maintain the balance between teaching techniques and Salsa rhythm, music, and spirit.

Nevertheless, there are some dancers that take the Salsa dance too far whether at social functions or in a class thereby removing all the fun from it. These dancers seem to forget that the objective of learning how to dance. That is to enjoy with your partner and have fun in the process. It is common to see the overzealous dancers trying to show off by doing fancy moves and combinations. Doing that might help make themselves feel superior. Yet, this should not be the case as the basis of Salsa dancing is to enjoy the rhythm and moving the body towards its beat.

salsa rhythm

Focus on making the best of dance experience through Salsa rhythm

The main reason why Salsa dancers continue to increase in many cities is because of the enjoyment they derive from dancing to Salsa rhythm & music. Therefore, it is important for dancers to focus on having fun while dancing salsa and not the moves or combinations. Some of the tips to help them do so might include:

Care more to your dance partners

Since a salsa dance involves two people, it is important to find a partner that is on the same level. For example, salsa dancers that have advanced skills should dance with those of their level so that they can learn and enjoy from each other. However, that’s not the case (most of the time!).

If it happens that two dancers are on two different levels then there is a need for the better dancer to be patient with their partner and help them enjoy dancing. One of few example solutions, which applied to leaders, is trying to dance from very simple things. They will then move up the difficulty one by one, until the point where the followers can’t keep up.

At that time, leaders must stop moving the leading difficulty up and stay at that level when dancing with that particular follower. Since then, both dances can have full enjoyment between the dance and Salsa rhythm. There are more tips to come. Please stay tuned for a full article about this matter. 🙂

Be polite with everyone when dancing, not just your partners

When dancing salsa it is important to respect your partner so that they are comfortable when they are dancing. Most of the times, offers to dance are rejected because a dancer has been showing off too much. Or, they don’t respect other when dancing. Or worst, they harass other people.

All of these things will end up offending other dancers who are at an event to enjoy themselves. To be honest, these are just very light problems during the social dancing. We will cover some problems that you won’t believe that it could happen on the dance floor. But, let’s put those in other articles.

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