Salsa pattern 3 – El Ultimo Rumbon – ORQUESTA REVOLUCION 70


Choosing where to learn Salsa or specific dance schools are not an easy task. We are having full coverage for this matter, just wait for the published date. In this post, there will some minor and simple things that you should care about when choosing which schools to learn, either Salsa or any other dances.

Step 1: Skill level of the dance schools

Skill level is very important when choosing the dance schools you want to go to. You don’t want to just begin dancing by going into the most professional ones. You will want to take it slow and begin in a safe and friendly environment that is catered towards beginners.

Professional and high-level schools are not all the time beginner-friendly. Some may, yet some may not. However, for the best bet, you should only choose dance schools where having more beginners. Don’t worry about your progress. Because later on, when you are experienced enough, you can always switch to those schools.

dance schools

Step 2: Price sometimes doesn’t make thing better

Getting the right price for a dance studio is something that everybody has to consider, even if you are a millionaire. Some dance schools can get extremely expensive, especially the more competitive ones. Dance studios that have famous instructors are always going to be more expensive than studios that low profile instructors.

However, the quality of dance classes is not equal to the fame or the price of those schools. Most of the time, you can find very good dancing lessons in much cheaper studios. Also, you may meet some very good (but not yet famous) dance instructor too.

Reputation is another thing that you have to watch out for. Read reviews online and go inside the studio and ask the people around if this is a reputable studio. Don’t believe everything that the people say and take that with a grain of salt because most of the people there are highly influenced by the money that they pay.

1minutesalsa it-doesnt-matter-what-the-price-is

Step 3: Location, location, location

In real estate, the biggest seller is location, and you will want a dance studio in the right location. If you go to a dance studio in a shady part of town, then you will encounter some shady people. The flip side of this is that if you go to a dance studio in the rich part of town, you are going to be dealing with overpriced classes and usually snobby people.

Again, however, these are things that happen less and less. Because the internet is so wide that if there is any problem with any dance schools, everyone will know. In a positive view (and facts), there are more of very high-quality dance studios with very good teachers in small towns. Well, with bigger and richer cities, there will be more choices for you, obviously! But, don’t forget to learn about your area, even if it’s small.

You also don’t want to go to a dance studio that is too far away unless it is worth your while. Ideally, you would have a dance studio that you can walk to. But even a ten to twenty-minute drive can be worth it because sometimes, good dance schools locate in not convenient areas. You need to balance. Don’t focus or put too much priority over a specific place.

1minutesalsa you-try-pretty-hard-well-try-harder

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