Why to follow Salsa dancing dress code?

Salsa demands lot of physical activities. Throughout the Salsa dance you will step, move, spin continuously within the close proximity of your partner. If your movements are impaired, it will get transferred to your partner. As a result you will not be able to enjoy the fun of dancing.

Every sports person wears an outfit that helps enhance the performance. Hence, it is also important that your Salsa dress is able to meet the challenges for delivering a great dancing performance. For ensuring graceful movement between the partners, it is vital that they follow the Salsa dancing dress code for gracefully dancing with the rhythm of the music.

The Salsa dancing dress code details

Unless you wish to look like walking out of starring 50’s dance parties, never wear anything that is marked as “Salsa”. It is better to wear something that gives you a cool and comfortable appearance.

salsa dancing dress code

Here are some super simple tips that cover from the head to the toe for the ladies and the guys as well.

  • Hair style in couple dance

Hairs come first in the Salsa dress code because hairs can pose problems like whipping the partners face while the lady is making a quick turn. Loose hairs can also impair vision when falls in front of the face. In such cases they might miss her partner’s invitation of hands.

So, ladies must consider doing pony tails or pulling the locks back in some ways to avoid such distractions.

  • Ladies wears with suitable dance theme

The ladies should wear something that is comfortable. Anything from form fitting outfits like stretchies, yoga pants, tights or shirts with skinny pant will do. Since Salsa is a hot and crazy dancing affair, ladies may also wear sleeveless tops and strappy dresses as they like. Open backs and bat wings tops are also included in the Salsa dancing dress.

  • Ladies shoes, quality dance shoes over beauty

Good shoes are a key to gracious Salsa dancing. Ladies should wear a shoe with reasonable height of heels, because it is always preferable to bring down the heels before those let you down. Moreover, lower heels cause less pressure on the back and feet. Therefore, you will be able to dance more comfortably with your partner. Further, the shoes should be leather soled to allow you to take perfect turns.

  • Men’s attire when in Salsa social dance

The Salsa dancing dress code for men includes wearing shirts and pants. As men sweat a lot, it is better to avoid tight jeans. Men should wear anything that is both comfortable and breathable because of the intense form of Salsa dancing.

Men can wear light clothing with dress pants as well. It is better to keep a hand towel ready for wiping out the sweat. And the best thing is to keep spare Salsa shirts ready in the car for prolonged dancing. Men should also wear shoes with leather soles for proper stepping.

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