I truly love to travel and engulf myself in unfamiliar environments. However, there is one consistency that takes place at each destination I reach. I always consider this is the best salsa dance habit that you should train yourself, the same as me!

I was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota and have spent all but a single year of my life there. Having never fully embraced the bitter Minnesota winters, I spent a sun-filled year in Florida. And although warm days and bright skies rank high in my book, being close to my family comes first. The majority of my relatives live in the Twin Cities, therefore my boots, my ice scraper, and I continue to call Minnesota home. With the aforementioned affinity for sunshine, I also have an interest in experiencing new places.

The best salsa dance advice:

Finding the nearest venue for salsa dancing!

While growing up, I never cared much about dancing. I wasn’t a natural at it nor did I have much knowledge that different styles of dance exist. So, I was essentially a wallflower with absolutely no desire to kick up my heels on the dance floor.

Then, in a life-changing moment at age nineteen, for the first time in my life, I heard salsa music. I was instantly drawn into both the music and the movements. Not surprisingly, my initial forays into the world of salsa dancing were fairly disastrous. But where there is a will there is a way, and I was determined to learn.

What I instantly liked about salsa dancing was the partnership and that there were basic steps to follow. I thought to myself, “I can do this!”. So my second best salsa dance advice to you is:

Try to learn and dance Salsa as much as you can!


1minutesalsa determination

I began seeking out the locations throughout the city where people were salsa dancing. I was able to connect with people at varying stages of interest and ability. What I found was that those fellow salsa enthusiasts were extremely friendly and helpful. They were welcoming and shared with me a wealth of knowledge on the ‘how’ and ‘where’ of salsa dancing.

I have met some amazing people and appreciate all the beauty I have found through them as well as the dancing itself. This only reason could be enough for my salsa dance advice above.

However, the reasons are not only that

One more thing about salsa dancing that I learned all on my own is another ‘why’. It is for all intents and purposes a secret weapon to positivity. Salsa dancing serves as:

  • A failsafe stress reliever
  • A workout that doesn’t feel like exercise
  • A powerful catalyst for greater self-esteem and confidence.

Even on my worst days, going salsa dancing makes me instantly light up. And if I can learn this dance, I’m convinced that anyone can learn it.

To try it is to love it. To love it is to put your whole heart into it.

And with that there only comes success. This is my third best salsa dance advice for you. 🙂

best salsa dance great success

I am full of gratitude for what salsa dancing has done for me. I want to continue and help spread this great art form around the world. Therefore, others can experience the joy it can bring into your life! For some other advices, you might want to check this article: 6 super simple advices to kick start your beginner Salsa lessons.

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