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There are many Salsa dance styles. If you are a Salsa dancer for about a year or more, you will probably hear about other Salsa dance styles when go to social dancing. I will just write super briefly about the 2 popular Salsa dance styles that most people have heard about.

But please be notice, the styles I am writing about here are categorized by their nature (or techniques) when dancing.

2 categories of Salsa dance styles

New York – Mambo – On 2 Style or Los Angeles category

These two styles are mostly danced in line. These styles are a bit different from Cuban or Rueda De Casino style.

Most of the time, when you go to any clubs, you will see people dance either of these 2 Salsa dance styles. Especially, when you visit countries where are not located near Latin-American areas. Don’t be confused or hurt your feeling. It is just because these 2 styles are way more popular around the world. So, more people have more chances to learn them. That’s all.

As mentioned above, the N.Y and L.A styles are mainly danced in line along with some shines (or we can call “solo”). What this means is when dancing these styles, the dancers are required to dance in fixed directions (vertical/horizontal) and/or areas. When you see people dance these types and the Salsa types below, it will be very easy to differentiate.

For now, that is just the firs and foremost identical view of this Salsa dance category. We will come back later.

salsa dance styles

Cuban or Columbian or Rueda De Casino or Venezuelan category

Can you see the name of the Salsa styles in this category? That’s why we mentioned above about the Latin-America area. People who LIVE in this area are tend to dance mostly those Salsa dance styles. And, again, it is not because they don’t want to learn other types. It is just because they have less chances to learn the other types of Salsa.

However, there are lots of famous Salsa dancers, instructors, and artists who are from the countries in this area. Therefore, when they have chances, these people will be super good in improving and strengthen their Salsa dancing skills.

The name for the fundamental of steps in the Cuban Style is Guapea. There are more of fundamental steps. However, this one is like the ultimate fundamental. There are many mysteries about the name, the way it is danced. However, to put it simple and easy to understand, people are either stepping in the same position when in close position OR step back and mirror each other.

Are there any other Salsa dance styles?

For the other Salsa styles like Columbian or Venezuelan, we will talk about them later. But, in general, the difference between Cuban style and N.Y / L.A style can be mostly applied for the others. Another identical difference is the area of dancing, Latin-American dancing types move around a lot, in circle. They don’t limit the dancing into lines like N.Y / L.A style. Especially, with Cuban dance (or Rueda De Casino), dancers need to remember each and every single names for fundamental techniques, and most of the time, the combinations.

Also, learning as many Cuban pattern as possible will be good for you later on when you want to try to dance Rueda De Casino. Couple dance in Cuban might need to remember names. And the names come with patterns. That is the only way for you to join in Rueda De Casino circles.

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