All day long you look forward to the party for an amazing Salsa dance in the evening, then it ends in disappointment. Though there are several reasons why you are not able to enjoy a party, this article focuses on experiences with dancing partners.

You have arrived at the party and you’re in the perfect mood for dancing: relaxed, excited, and happy.

The first dance should be an amazing Salsa dance …

You do not hesitate when a guy walks straight up to you and asks you to dance. Great, let’s get the party started!

After a short while … Oh.. hm, he is a little rough… Oh, no. Not just a little, you think. Well, maybe he needs a little time for warming up? He’s leading you in a very hard and strong way. Your whole body is tensed. You’re scared that he might break your arms if you’re not watching out what he wants you to do.

While he keeps smiling at you, you’ve already given up putting on a brave face. But he doesn’t seem to notice that something’s wrong. The song is over.

amazing Salsa dance meow-yeah

Second! Ok. The next dance should be better.

“Hi, how are you? You wanna dance?“ You’re smiling back and start dancing with him and you feel relieved. He’s leading you softly, so you are able to relax. Then.

He: “Do you often come here to dance?”

You: “sometimes.”

He: “How long are you dancing?”

You: “Almost one and a half years.”

He: “Oh, really? Where did you start dancing? Do you also dance Bachata?”

He keeps on asking you questions while “dancing” ( with basic steps and sometimes a right turn for you). You’re not in the mood for small talking, you are here for dancing.

So you interrupt him politely: “I’m sorry, it’s too loud here for talking. Maybe we can just dance?”

“Ok, no problem!” – He says and keeps on dancing for about 20 seconds.

Then, he goes on chatting: “Oh this song is great, I love this song. Do you know this song?”

While you act as if nothing has happened, he goes on.

“Where are you from?”, “are you going to school or studying?”, “I like your eyes. Are they blue or green, I can’t see it exactly.”, and so on.

1minutesalsa Are_You_Kidding_Me

Third … Next one will be a better one!

Yeah! He is keeping his mouth shut while dancing. And he is no brute like the first one, should this finally be a dance to enjoy? Almost, but not at all.

Instead of On 1, he is dancing on the 5. You’re waiting for a snatch of music in hope for correction, without success. He doesn’t seem to notice anything and he’s in no mood for switching on1. As you don’t like to dance On 5 the whole time, you are using the next opportunity. You’re doing a small mistake with the intention of hesitation so that you’re landing with your right foot on the 1 and keep on dancing. He noticed!

But. Then. He is stopping you a few seconds in order to start dancing again, On 5. Is he crazy? You obey his will to dance On 5, reluctantly. Slowly, your good and excited mood from the beginning for an amazing Salsa dance night is detracted.

1minutesalsa confused

Lastly. Next. My dance mood is almost down to zero.

Ok, you consider taking a seat and watch the people before going on dancing. But before you are leaving the dance floor, another guy has already taken your hand. Ok, let’s give it a try. The party can only become better now you think.

But shortly afterward, you are aware that you deceived yourself. This guy is not dancing to any beat at all. He keeps switching from 1 to 2 to 5 to 6 almost all the time. He is not doing steps clearly. Instead, he is turning you to any time he likes to.

This is really exhausting! You need to focus a lot on his uncoordinated leading. This is not fun. Thank God, the song is over!

When the song is over, you flee from the dance floor and “hide”. You consider whether to go home directly or stay and observe the people dancing and give it another try later maybe.

how to ruin an amazing Salsa dance night in 4 ways literally

An amazing Salsa dance night is ruined. Completely. Have you known why already?

Those situations above stand for typical characters who come across from time to time at parties, sometimes even mixed. And up until now, I haven’t found optimal solutions to handle situations like these. While the last scene seems to be absolutely hopeless to me, one is often confronted with the “brute” and the “talker” and, most frequently, the On 5-problem (this might get an own topic soon, I guess).

All in all, being stranded at a party which is full of dancers like these can change one’s mood into sadness and disappointment. Honk parties, so to say. They cause moments, I think of giving up dancing.

Fortunately, these are rather short term 😉

Boys and girls, read these nice articles to not make yourselves reasons of ruining other amazing Salsa dance! 😀


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