Salsa dancing is currently experiencing a huge boom in popularity. Many people are taking Salsa dancing lessons for good reasons. Salsa is fun and exciting. It is also great exercise as well as being a safe leisure activity. Going out to Salsa is a great way to meet people. And, that is no doubt, Salsa is becoming the global dance. You, who should not stand aside of a good, exciting, beautiful, fun, joyful thing like Salsa dancing, must start your beginner Salsa lessons immediately. 🙂 With these advices, if you don’t mind reading them. 😀

In just about every town of any size across the world, from Havana to Detroit to Moscow, you will find Salsa dancers who congregate and have fun together. Moreover, if you are single going out to Salsa, this is a great way to meet people of the opposite sex (or the same sex if you are so inclined). I have seen many men and women, young and old who have divorced, widowed, found themselves alone or bored became Salsa dancers and develop great social lives as well as became romantically linked.

But best of all, Salsa dancing is just a darn good time.

1minutesalsa hell-yeah

I have been a Salsa dancer and teacher off and on for several years and started dancing with two left feet. In my lifetime, I have attended many, many Salsa classes, and went to many, many different Salsa events. Needless to say, I have learned a few things over the years about learning to Salsa, especially some beginner lessons experience. Here are a few tips for getting the most from your Salsa dancing lessons for any beginners to follow.

Play some beginner Salsa lessons at home

If you really want to speed up your learning, get some Salsa music and then buy a home study course, taught by a professional instructor and practice at home. For some beginners, this by far could potentially accelerate your learning a bit faster.

1, 2, 3, PAUSE (4), 5, 6, 7, PAUSE (8)

This may not make sense to you unless you have actually taken Salsa dancing lessons at home or an instructor-led course. However, this is the fundamental rhythm to Salsa dancing in any beginner Salsa lessons.

When you first begin, your job is to simply dance to this sequence again and again. Until it becomes second nature, and you can recognize it immediately when certain types of music are played. In other words, try to be able to dance to this beat in your sleep no matter how fast or slow. If you want some encouragement, check this 🙂 The beauty of Salsa dance music: an unlimited adventure of a life time

Relax, don’t fight it, just enjoy yourself and have fun

This is perhaps the hardest thing to teach people when they are taking Salsa dancing lessons. They get so caught up in learning the steps, or become so frustrated because they are not getting it fast enough that they forget Salsa is all about having fun. If you mess up and I mean mess up a lot, then.

1minutesalsa So-What

It’s all about having fun. And remember, whatever you do on a consistent basis of any beginner Salsa lessons, you will get good at it. You have no choice, it is a natural law. So, if you simply relax and participate, it will come no matter what else you do.

Practice, practice, practice

When I was an athlete in high school, my coaches would always say

“If you want to be good — practice, if you want to be great — practice, practice, practice!”

beginner Salsa lessons Anyone-Cool-Awesome-Takes-Practice-Funny-Kids

This is a great rule for life, and it is no different when it comes to Salsa dancing lessons. I have met people with two left feet (including myself) that have applied themselves and became spectacular dancers. They never gave up on their beginner Salsa lessons. It just took them a little more practice and a little more time. Take the ideas from this article as additional advices too 😀 The best salsa dance habit that you should train yourself!

If every day you practiced and got better by one percent, what would be the result in a year? The answer is not 365% which would not be bad. The answer would be in the 1000’s of percent. Because your learning begins to stack upon itself, and compounds exponentially.

But “You’ve got to be in it to win it.”

1minutesalsa win

Find a good dance instructor

Every instructor thinks they are a great instructor. However, the biggest attribute any instructors can have (besides being a good dancer) is plain old fashioned patience. I have had to stop going to certain classes because I just couldn’t keep up, due to the fact the instructors moved too fast or made things too complicated when I attend some beginner Salsa lessons.

Personally, what I look for are instructors who are willing to show you Salsa dancing lessons step by step. They will not go to step two unless they are satisfied that you have mastered step one. Also, they will not go on to step three unless they are satisfied you know steps one and two and so on.

1minutesalsa slowly

Although, most instructors will say they adhere to this style of teaching. If you watch many of them, they get really impatient and want to move on as quickly as possible – regardless if most of the students know the steps or not. Yet, this is my own experience. I hope this won’t happen all the times and in many places.

Let the buyer beware

To find a good instructor, you should go watch as many Salsa dancing lessons or classes as you can, especially for beginner Salsa lessons. Most instructors will let you just “sit in” without dancing to get a feel of the course (if they don’t then avoid that class).

  • Notice how the instructor relates to the students. Are they Hitler or are they Gandhi?
  • Notice how they break the steps down.
  • Watch them dance themselves. Are they just okay or are they really good?
  • Ask other students their opinions in private — especially the beginners.


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