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Learning Salsa is a great way to socialize or even learn something new with your partner and have fun while doing it. Some people might consider whether they should start to learn by themselves through online teaching materials first, to save money. Or, should they go straight to register to local Salsa dance class lessons. Yep, that’s it. To be able to learn Salsa may take some time but the first step is to join a class. Salsa dance class lessons can either be online or at a physical location.

Many people said it’s good to learn online, many said don’t. Well, you’d better to not listen to either side. 😀 Why? Because it totally depends on each person condition such as financial, location, etc. However, for this post, we will list a couple of reference points for your own decisions. We are not going to convince you to choose which one is better. We are also having a good series about this matter, later on. The series will not be very friendly with most of the independent people teaching at clubs … to be honest.

Salsa dance class lessons

Joining offline Salsa dance class lessons

Joining Salsa dance class lessons has become very easy because many schools are offering dance classes irrespective of gender or age. These classes will be either at a club or an establishment. These venues mostly run by trained Salsa dancers. Yet, you will have more chances to learn with experienced Salsa teachers in established locations that in clubs. Because in clubs, there might be people who like to dance Salsa and they want to share to teach others very simple things. Their skill levels should be good or bad, it depends.

Advantages of offline Salsa dance class lessons

  • The personal attention that the students get from the instructor, which helps them learn much faster.
  • They are able to practice their moves with their classmates and be able to improve their dancing experience much better.

Disadvantages of offline Salsa dance class lessons

  • Joining a class may be costly depending on the school where the training is being done.
  • An interested student may not have the time to attend the class because of the timing of it.

Joining online Salsa dance class lessons

Online Salsa dance class lessons allow their members to learn the dance in the comfort of their home or office as long as they have a computer and internet connection. It is very easy to find such classes online. You can use Google. There are tons of them on the internet. Some may have a fee. Some maybe free! (like this website :D). Or, you can even ask your friends or ask on your Facebook. There are lots of sources to find Online Salsa dance class lessons. For most of the sites, there is a need to sign up to be able to have access to the classes which are usually in a video format with some written content as well.

Advantages of online Salsa dance class lessons

  • Convenience! Students can learn their steps anywhere and at any time.
  • Save time! Learning the steps from online lessons saves time to travel to and from class.
  • Cheaper! Online Salsa classes are also generally cheaper than those conducted at a physical location.

Disadvantages of online Salsa dance class lessons

  • Reduced interaction with other people while learning to dance.
  • Decreased confidence to dance Salsa when in a social setting with other dancers.

Again, these are just a few advantage and disadvantage of both online and offline learning for Salsa dance class lessons. Stick with us for more unbelievable information about these matter in other series. Other than that, just have fun learning Salsa 😀

have-fun dance class lessons

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