Nahir Romano & Maxi Solis – Bachata 2016 – Ken-Y – Sentirte Mia


Couple dancing is not just techniques. It is not about how good you are. It is not about how nice you look like from the view of people. Couple dancing is the way to enjoy, feel the music, and make your partner experience the same with you. Salsa dancing in couple is no exception. Each and every person need to have a proper dance etiquette.

dance etiquette

Dance etiquette is very important

It is truly very necessary if an individual is to enjoy dancing Salsa with another person. The rules laid out as part of the training are for the benefit of you and your partner. Therefore, the dancing can be fun. Since, Salsa is a close partner dance, one of the most vital rules provided as part of its dance etiquette is the need to maintain good personal hygiene. It is important to be clean and also smell nice whenever you want to dance Salsa.

Another important point to note as part of Salsa dance etiquette is the need to always respect your partner’s space when dancing. You should only get as close as they allow you to. Also, you need to avoid being too much of everything to the point where they get offended. Furthermore, when learning how to dance Salsa or when at a function, it is common to find partners stepping on each other. The best way to sort it out is to apologize and try to create space between the two of you to avoid doing it again.

Finally, you should always accept an invitation to dance when asked to, except if there is a valid reason to decline their offer to dance.

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Ken-Y – Sentirte Mia

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